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Roof Cleaning

Discouraged by the black streaks or green algae growing on your roof? Insurance companies strongly suggesting algae growth be removed?

Did you know having a clean roof can save you money by lowering the energy it takes to cool down your home during the summer months. A treated roof not only looks clean; it can reduce maintenance and extend the life of your roof saving you thousands in costly repairs and replacement.


Don’t replace your roof. Start by cleaning it.

Replacing your roof can become a premature financial decision when algae can be contained in many cases. Cleaning becomes a minor economic decision that truly become a preventative measure, saving you so much in the long run.


Our Roof Cleaning Services

Performance Cleaners administers a low-pressure roof treatment that easily removes those dark stains and streaks, often caused by algae, while also eliminating the mildew and mold from the entire surface. Our professionals will come out, scope out the roof, and provide a zero-obligation estimate. Once we begin the work, we complete the job quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a fresh, clean, more energy efficient roof.


A Common, Yet Detrimental Problem: Roof Algae

Many people believe that roof algae growth is a cosmetic issue and can be ignored indefinitely, however, it can take years off the life of your shingles.

Roof algae are living organisms that need food to continue to grow. They find this food on shingles made with limestone. Shingle granules deflect UV rays and heat away from your roof surface. If they are destroyed or covered by algae, your attic will heat up dramatically which will also add significantly to your cooling bill during the summer months.


Algae often occurs:

  • When the roof is in shaded areas;
  • As soil and pollen debris get stuck to the sandy surface of your roof
  • Damage to the roof has trapped debris leaving a hiding place for the algae

All of the above causes moisture retention creating the perfect environment for algae to grow. Most algae can be taken care of by simply spraying with household bleach, but sometimes it requires power washing to remove the heaviest stains.

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