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About our Residential cleaning services



We are not a maid service. Our services go much deeper than that!

A nice sweeping and light dusting is always nice, but a deep clean sure does feel better! Performance Cleaners, LLC. works with homeowners, landlords, and realtors throughout the Columbus, Ohio area and beyond to clean homes from top to bottom, inside and out. Our work is aggressive, intensive, and lives up to a white glove standard because clean isn’t clean unless all of the dirt is gone!


Our Residential Services include:

Window Cleaning. Say goodbye to streaks, smears, and dirt. Performance Cleaners are window cleaning experts. We scrub interior and exterior of the glass, the sashes, the screens, and frames leaving you with a beautiful, crisp view of your yard.
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Roof Cleaning. We are professional roof cleaners with specific experience removing algae and mold from shingles. We help clear up unwanted grime, prevent excees moisture and deterioration of your roof, and bring back that curb appeal you have been craving.
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Spring Cleaning. Don’t wait for spring. Now is the time to unleash the fury on the dirt, dust, and airborne contaminants floating through your home and lurking under services. Performance Cleaners provides a deep clean—a thorough scrub down of everything from your appliances to the cobwebs. Plus, no need to move a thing in the house. We’ve got that covered!
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Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning. Performance Cleaners works with home buyers and sellers, realtors, property managers and landlords for quick, efficient scrub downs of empty homes and apartments. Forget the mess! We’ll make the place fresh and ready for move in!
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Construction Cleanup. There is always debris and dust that lingers after a major household repair or renovation. Whether you are building a home or restoring it, Performance Cleaners will provide the deep clean you need to rid yourself of any evidence of drywall, paint, or sawdust.
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Power Washing. Noticing black streaks or buildup on your vinyl siding or deck? It’s time for a professional grade power wash. Performance Cleaners will carefully and efficiently strip away oil, dirt, and grime in order to bring your home back to life!
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Gutter Cleaning. Don’t waste time and energy on a ladder! Call Performance Cleaners and we’ll thoroughly clean your gutters so you can rest easy watch the exterior of your home sparkle!
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It’s your home. Our job is to give it a deep clean and leave without a trace!

We began our work in residential cleaning as a small operation and have certainly grown over the years. However, as a privately owned, non-franchised cleaning business, we have continued to stick to our roots and core philosophy. We are working in your home. As service providers, it is our duty to serve you without any disruption and with the most excellent service possible.

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