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frequently asked questions


  • Are the home cleaners fully insured?
    Some house cleaners will say they are fully insured to get the contract. You can always ask us to provide a certificate of Liability Insurance and proof of Workers Compensation coverage at any time from our window washing company.

  • Does the window washing cleaner have references?
    An established window cleaning or pressure washing contractor will have many satisfied customers. Ask to see written testimonials or ask for references with full contact information. It is also a good idea to ask for information from both recent and older customers.

  • Do they have experience with window cleaning?
    There are different kinds of contractors specializing in different kinds of cleaning. Exterior commercial or large industrial cleaning companies will not know the special circumstances involved in residential window cleaning. The everyday routine of your residence should be respected.

  • Do they use harsh chemicals?
    We use Liquid Joy or Liquid Dawn. These are mild soaps, where a little goes a long way. They clean very well and leave good smells throughout the home.

  • Is there a warranty?
    We always warranty our work. If you’re not satisfied, we will take every measure to fix our mistake or misses. We offer a streak free guarantee.

  • Who will move the furniture?
    Sometimes there is furniture that needs to be moved in order to reach the windows. We normally move what is necessary for a safe window cleaning experience. When necessary we move it and place it back when finished. We work around heavier furniture or desks to ensure your windows are cleaned. We also cover furniture and / or floors with towels or tarps to ensure they are not damaged during our processes. We do ask that if you have collectables near the windows to please move them prior to service beginning.

  • What exactly causes the growth of Algae or Gloecapsa Magma?
    – Debris: Wind causes soil from the ground, tree bark or dust as well as other items to get stuck into the sandy surface of your roof. The debris will cause moisture retention and this combined with our humid air creates perfect living conditions for Algae to grow.
    – Shade: The level of sunlight your roof receives, determines the growth of the Algae. If you have over hanging limbs from shade trees, then more algae will be produced.

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