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Performance Cleaners, LLC is a residential detail oriented window washing company headquartered in Central Ohio. We clean the inside, outside, track, screen, and sill of every window to allow the undistorted light to enter our customer’s world. Performance Cleaners was conceived in 1990 and formed in 2008.


In addition to window washing, we also provide the following services:

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning
  • Construction Cleanup
  • Power Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning


Perfectionists with a Passion for Cleaning!

We are perfectionists with a passion for cleaning! We believe in doing an excellent job and leaving your home clean—guaranteed. Our goal is to deliver a safe, clean, clutter-free environment for you and your family.


Expect Professional Service

We work by appointment and value our client’s time. We are uniformed and work quietly out of the way. Our expert cleaners will review your cleaning project and provide you with a timely quote and definitive scheduled date and time. Our core characteristics include:

  • Professionalism – We work hard to ensure a clean and professional look that stands out among the competition.
  • Reliability – Our customers can expect specific times of service and punctuality from our team.
  • Quality Work – We pay close attention to details on each and every job.
  • Trustworthy – We respect our client’s property at all times.


Competitive Pricing

Performance Cleaners is a privately owned company (non franchised), which allows us to operate with low overhead, while utilizing the most skilled cleaners in the Columbus Ohio area. Our business model offers our customers a more competitive price, for both residential and commercial cleaning, while delivering excellence.


Tailored Interior and Exterior Cleaning Services

All of our cleaning services are customized to meet the specific, individual needs and/or desires of our customers. You know what bothers you. We know where dirt and grime hide out. We’ll work together to identify how we can quickly and efficiently clear out debris, mold, dust, and grime so you can find comfort in your home.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

We guarantee that your cleaning project will be completed in a timely fashion, within the set budget and in a professional manner.


Our Customers Love Us!

In fact, our average “new” customer is still with us (6) six years later. Ask us for our reference call list so you can talk to our happy customers!


What to Expect When We Clean Windows in Your Home: From The Founder John M Bryant

As a professional window cleaner I quickly learned that my expectations were and are very high, equivalent to and in some cases, higher than my customer’s expectations. I am always surprised when customers do not see our misses or not as concerned with streaks, spots, or drips. We train employees to walk back thru the home when we are finishing to check for those misses and to correct them before we leave. I have taught my employees simple window washing manners. Some young employees have said that we work or produce better than they would in their own home, which is absolutely correct.


We are concerned with mulch, mud and/or dirt being tracked into the home so we train employees to take precautions. Our clients have beautiful homes and nice interiors, sometimes custom designed interiors in which I encourage my employees to protect and care for. When we first arrive, I found it best to ask which restroom we should use while at the home. Also we will ask which water hydrant to use to fill our primary bucket. Laundry room sinks are the best, followed by kitchen sink sprayers, bathroom showers or an outdoor faucet. We remove our shoes and put on foam crocs while in the customers’ home.


Occasionally we use shoe covers or go in our socks, but primarily with foam crocs. Climbing on ladders or step stools in the home is safer with some sort of support and traction on our feet. Walking around in a customers’ home in crocs helps us to remember how important it is to be careful. We don’t want to drip water from our tools or our buckets onto the floors so you will commonly see us use tarps and large bath towels. Tarps are used to protect the main area we have our tools and supplies while in your home. Bath towels protect the floors and collect debris while we work on the interior windows.


We wear water buckets on our belts so we always wipe the outside of the bucket with a rag after filling it, just to be sure there are no drips waiting to happen! We set the bucket on a towel or in our primary bucket to keep water off the floor. I train our employees to be considerate of our customers’ belongings at all times. For instance we always lay down a nice clean bath towel underneath a window before we start the cleaning process. If any drips or dust fall, then they drop on the towel, not the floor. Window cleaners, as you know, occasionally use ladders in your home. We train employees to never leave a ladder standing upright when children are present in the home. We also know children will test windows so we lock the windows when we are done. Never surprising are little people who want to be window cleaners when we are there and we take precautions to ensure their safety.


We make certain the safety of floors or furniture by keeping our tools on our work belts, on a tarp, or in a bucket. We never rest our tools or towels on the furniture or floor. We wear a tool belt with a self contained water bucket. Our window cleaning belt buckets are multi-compartment so we can keep our tools in one side and our cleaning solution in the other. At the end we will collect our belongings and tools and move outside. From there we clean the outside windows and screens. When finished were-enter the home and replace the screens and move any furniture or curtains back into its former position. Many people ask how they can help and generally we move what we need to move and is always helpful when customers move collectibles that may be near the windows.


I believe we offer a very clean and beneficial product to our customers. We have received many recommendations from our customers – people just like you. You may be visiting our site because of a recommendation you have received from a friend our family member and we are greatly honoured. I want to thank you for taking time to read about my company and my hope is that you enjoy our service for years, as we enjoy your friendship and business.



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